Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween_2015


Halloween is the time for tricks and treats. If you’ve read Kingston’s Project, then you know that Halloween is a difficult holiday for Sarah Mitchell. She used to love it, but for obvious reasons it became a difficult time of the year for her. I never revisited Halloween for Sarah as we looked into her future, but I’d like to think that she eventually found a way to love it once again.

I happen to enjoy Halloween. I still remember the joy of running through my neighborhood as a kid on Halloween night. I loved the excitement of dumping out my pillowcase full of candy to see what treats I had scored. Now, as an adult, I love watching that same excitement in my daughter. I love seeing all the kids come to the door, proud of their costumes and anxiously looking to see what I’m going to put in their pumpkin/basket/bag (and there are still a few pillowcases used). Although, I’m not so fond of the scary movies that are on constantly during this time of year. I’m more of a cheesy Christmas movie kind of gal. But let’s get through Halloween and Thanksgiving before we start talking about Christmas, shall we?


Back in my yoCarrie & Jason_Halloween 97unger years, I even dressed up for Halloween. Here’s a picture of my husband and me back in 1997. We created these costumes in just a couple hours! We were mistaken on the date of the party, so we had to create fast. Both were made out of foam exercise mats. I think we did pretty darn good considering the time constraint we were under! I will say that my husband’s costume became a bit dangerous by the end of the night. I’ll only say that darts were involved . . .





Cat Mask_Oct15

It’s been a long time since I’ve dressed up for Halloween. The closest I get is when my gym’s Freaky Friday falls at the end of October. Yesterday was Freaky Friday, and I was a cat (our class theme was The Crazy Cat Lady). But as you can see, my effort now is just not at the same level as it was 18 years ago.







These days I’m much more interested in the kids costumes than my own. I might put on the cat mask for Trick or Treating tonight. Or I might not. I will, however, be eating some of the chocolate candy in our Halloween bowl. One for Elsa, one for me. One for Batman, two for me . . .

How about you? Do you have a favorite costume from your past, or current, Halloween adventures?

I hope you all have a fabulous, and safe, Halloween!

~ Carrie


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